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  Natural Hygiene, the "Science of Health", is named after the Greek goddess of health "Hygieia".
  BNHS was founded in 1956 and its magazine "The Hygienist", which is the oldest existing Natural Hygiene magazine in the world, was started in 1959.
  BNHS publishes books and holds an annual Natural Hygiene conference of international interest in Britain.
  BNHS is a non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching how to achieve perfect health with simple effective low-cost methods.

  Health, disease and Natural Hygiene. - The theory of Nature Cure by Stanley Lief.
  Weight loss, arthritis, fasting, etc. Dr. Keki Sidhwa writes in The Hygienist


The British Natural Hygiene Society tries to educate, discuss, research and inform about the causes of health and disease, the theory of Natural Hygiene and the art of living the healtiest and happiest life possible.
BNHS members receive the magazine The Hygienist 4 times a year.
Keki R. Sidhwa N.D.,D.O.,D.C., is president and one of the original founders.

3 Harold Grove,
Frinton on Sea,
England, C013 9BD

(From USA 011-44-1636-682-941)
(NOTE: Since Dr. Sidhwa can take month long trips - writing to BNHS is often the fastest option}

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Associated membership; payable 1st January:
£10.50 UK per year.
£12.50 Eire & European Countries per year.
$23.00 USA, Canada, Japan, etc. per year
(NOTE: payable by UK check, US check or international money order - checks must be made out to the British Natural Hygiene Society)

The Hygienist

"The Hygienist", Lay Journal of the British Natural Hygiene Society.
First Published 1959
Editor: Keki R. Sidhwa, N.D.,D.O.,D.C.,D.N.H.
To subscribe, see membership information above.

40TH BIRTHDAY in 1999
Birthdays assume importance in proportion to the importance of the thing enjoying the birthday. Two cells joining together to form one cell, this cell multiplying and multiplying to form an organism. A single thought ripens into a fruitful idea and thus becomes an actuality. Such evolutions could be called birth.

Thus it was 43 years ago (1956) when a single thought of 3 men matured from that single thought to the state of actual being - the British Natural Hygiene Society.

As one of the co-founders I take pride in that achievement. This year (1999) we enter the 40th year of the publication of "The Hygienist" in its present format as a proper magazine on healthcare. In 1956 we did publish a newsletter (just a few pages) to circulate among half a dozen people.

To edit and produce this magazine year after year is a task which I enjoy - but this enjoyment depends upon the feedback from those who read it. Without a congregation, Jesus could not have delivered his sermon on the mount. In the same way a publication of this kind, with its revolutionary message, needs readers in hundreds and thousands. Don't let Natural Hygiene slip through humanity's trembling fingers with the next flooding tide. Let us all celebrate the 40th year anniversary by getting out of our easy chair and getting ourselves to the wheel of Hygiene's chariot and exert ourselves as we have never done before. Get people to subscribe to "The Hygienist" and renew your subscriptions.

How better can we celebrate the birth of a magazine so unique among other so-called health publications in Britain - nay the world.

K.R. Sidhwa (The Hygienist, 1/98 updated)

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